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Fort Hood Press Center
DATE: June 27, 2013 11:43:58 AM CDT

Pretrial hearings continue in the Hasan case, Hasan to enter plea July 2

FORT HOOD, Texas – During a pretrial hearing in the case of U.S. vs. Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, Judge Col. Tara Osborn ruled on several pending motions to include the Government’s request for the court to conduct group Voir Dire.  Without any objection from Hasan, Osborn ruled that both parties would be allowed to conduct group Voir Dire and to individually question each jury panel member. 

Hasan also requested that Dr. Jeffery Frederick, jury panel selection expert, be present next to him while Hasan questions panel members. 

Additionally, both the government and Hasan are required to present each other with their proposed Voir Dire questions by June 28. 

The government’s motion to present a crime-scene video during Voir Dire was denied, pending the Government’s ability to remove repetitive imagery.  Hasan had no objection, but supported the judge’s proposal to remove repetitive images. 

Osborn further ruled that the government is restricted in the use of some e-mail evidence pending proof that the value of such evidence outweighs potential prejudice.  However, use of Private 1st Class Francheska Velez’s statement, “My baby, my baby” will be allowed. 

Finally, Hasan removed approximately 16 of his Voir Dire questions.  The next hearing will be held on 10 a.m. July 2. Hasan will enter a plea at that time.

The accused is presumed innocent until or unless he’s proven guilty. 

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